August 19

9. Surrender and Let Go

The last inner challenge I take up in Leading from Joy is to let go of everything we feel dependent on and then jump into the unknown – to a completely new lifestyle, for example. The beginnings and endings are part of the natural process of life. Can you recognize yourself in keeping things open because the.

August 16

7. Be Inclusive

This challenge is dedicated to any leader who acts as the lone wolf or alpha male. Managers, CEOs who know best and who want to maintain control. But also on a more personal level – the openness to partnership in depth – to really let other people into our lives. In this challenge, I introduce.

August 13

6. Be Willing and Committed

I usually say that without commitment there is no one to coach. Commitment is more than choosing something/someone, it comes from the heart and includes making sure that what we promised and set up also comes true, even if we don’t know how at first. The back door is closed. There is no question of.

August 6

3. Trust

We all have a brain that quickly decides whether the unknown is something to trust or not. If we let the amygdala control and set us in all situations, we easily become anxious and fearful. In this challenge, I address all the other sources we have access to such as our emotions, minds, intelligences, strengths,.

August 4

2. Listen to Your Soul

We are all unique, so the question is what is specific to you? The more inner contact we have, the more we dare to trust and express our own perspectives on the world. What makes us extra happy, engaged and which feels meaningful? In coaching, I’ve always liked to bring up role models – what.

August 4

1. To Love Yourself First and Foremost

In my book, Leading from Joy, I address nine inner challenges that I have often encountered when coaching leaders, usually CEOs. In a series of posts, I will introduce them all. Loving yourself is the first thing. Loving and taking care of oneself is our primary task in life. Our own mothers and fathers have.

May 17

Leading from Joy nu på svenska Amazon

Hej! Nu finns Leading from Joy att beställa från svenska Amazon.Här är länken. Leading from Joy är en handbok för dig som vill utvecklas som ledare. Den tar upp nio vanliga utmaningar som Anna har mött hos ledare under sina drygt tjugo år som professionell coach. Nyfiken på vad coaching kan ge och vad det.

April 12

Ny bok – Leading from Joy

Hej! Är du en ledare som vill utvecklas så mycket du bara kan i ditt liv och i ditt företagande?  Är du också nyfiken på vad coaching skulle kunna ge dig?  I så fall så vill jag tipsa om min nyskrivna bok Leading from Joy – How to Transform 9 Inner Challenges. Efter tjugo år i yrket.

July 27

Endless Transformation for All of Us as Humans

My CEO-clients have got many successful stories to share. It has made a tremendous difference for me as well. Almost all great things that have happened in my life, I trace back to my work with personal development. I would love for everyone to have the same experience. Big changes like paradigm shifts in society.