Aug 4

1. To Love Yourself First and Foremost

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In my book, Leading from Joy, I address nine inner challenges that I have often encountered when coaching leaders, usually CEOs. In a series of posts, I will introduce them all. Loving yourself is the first thing.

Loving and taking care of oneself is our primary task in life. Our own mothers and fathers have the same task – to take care of themselves first. Whether we are satisfied with their efforts or not, it is our own job to move forward and find our own way to take care of ourselves in the best possible way.

Yet it can be so difficult in practice. A little later in life, we can blame the boss, the board or the partner – if it weren’t for them or other external circumstances. We are codependent – ​​we act as if our health is determined by what is around us. Rather than how we ourselves take responsibility for it, by, for example, taking care of ourselves and setting healthy boundaries.

Test yourself with the following questions:
Do you have habits in place so that the whole of you feels good – your body, your mind and your soul?
Are you living in line with your values?
Do you know what gives and takes away your energy?
Can you appreciate yourself and others?
Do you have a home that you enjoy and where you can recover?
Do you love yourself as you are?

Check all, some or not at all?
If you feel like you have a little to do in the area of ​​self-love,
I recommend you stop here and take care of yourself now.
In Leading from Joy, I suggest six different exercises related to this first inner challenge.
The book is written in simple English and is available for purchase on Adlibris, Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play and Kobo.
If you felt you could handle this gallantly, stay tuned and read my next post.