“Powerful, joyful, confronting … excellent coaching in every way”.

Anna Eriksson is one of the top CEO coaches from Sweden,
ICF Master Certified Coach Anna Erikssonsince 2015
with over twenty years in the profession,
trained by many of the best leaders and coaches in the world
as well as by the academy.

Annas’ way of coaching is listening with joy and lightness
– trusting that you have all you need inside yourself to achieve desired results.

She has broad experience in coaching CEOs, and executive leaders as well as their teams in many sectors: technology, IT, financial, manufacturing industry, real estate, medicine, health care, insurance, architecture, consultant, logistic, education/academia, the army, and more. 

The typical client is a busy and experienced leader in their middle age,
a CEO or Owner, leading a company in the western English-speaking world
that wants to develop their leadership skills, knowing it all starts with leading oneself.

Anna is the one that loves deep talking, one-to-one.
She loves to work with senior leaders as they are up to something in life.
She loves to listen and facilitate –  to help you find strategies, openings, solutions and new ways of being and acting – she loves to see when someone lights up and sees a new possibility for themselves.
She loves the uniqueness in each of us.
She loves when it seems to be very tough. She is listening for your way, not her way. You and your system.
Here is a short video where Anna talks about her services. 

Leading from Joy

The New Book
In Leading from Joy, Anna has compiled 30 years of experience in the field of personal development and coaching.

You will learn:
·  How to transform yourself through 9 inner challenges
·  11 real case studies from coaching CEOs
·  An easy step-by-step guide with 60 coaching practices
·  A sequence with where to start in your unique case
·  What lies beyond courage – the levels of consciousness
· A mindset that welcomes change and challenges as opportunities
·  Inner strength and awareness to cope with new challenges
·  The keys to becoming a team and creating a harmonious system
· References both to academic science, the new sciences and spirit.

Order Leading from Joy at Amazon.com
Or at Amazon in Sweden if you are a Scandinavian who wants a hardcover or paperback. Now also at Adlibris.
Leading from Joy is also available on Apple Books

Anna has a big passion for transformation and is in constant training herself.
2019 she and her husband took on a new challenge
– they sold everything and left Stockholm to live and sail around the world.
Here are some pictures of the sailing from Sweden to New Zealand. 
The coaching continues, now digital, from different places around the world.

Quality assurance

As a certified coach at International Coach Federation, ICF
– the oldest and biggest independent professional association for coaches in the world 
Anna is following their
ethical guidelines as well as GDPR.
Every third year she renews her certification, which means she is active in the profession as well as has taken on continuous development training. Anna was a chapter host for ICF in Stockholm 2005-06 and a member of the ICF Ethics Council 2016-18.

Anna writes for Medium and GROW magazine 
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Photo of Anna: Peter Grant