Do You Want to Transform as a Leader? 

Leaders have always faced many challenges in their environment, as well as between the people involved. The pressure on the leader is high – that he or she must have a vision that extends beyond the daily challenges, and competence to bring those concerned with him on the journey towards the goal.

Every leader needs to find their power to generate new solutions to today’s problems – and to have employees who do the same. We need to keep up with what is happening in the outside world, but also within ourselves.

Clients and When They Come for Coaching

The typical client is a busy and experienced leader in their middle age,
a CEO or Owner, leading a company in the western English-speaking world
that wants to develop their leadership skills, knowing it all starts with leading oneself.

CEOs often come to Anna in case of external changes: as a new CEO, with a desire to get the management team to work as a team, before a major change or a major assignment. Others have been on the assignment for a long time and need a new spirit and a future that inspires them in professional life or as a pensioner. And some just know the potential in coaching and are searching for a new trusted partner.

Inner Challenges

Anna has found that leaders have their own internal challenges that determine how they act in different situations. These inner challenges are connected to our energy level. By raising our energy and awareness, we will be able to access more of your resources.

Ex on inner challenges:

• Not having decided and chosen a direction for one’s life

• Not accepting diversity and complexity

• Not having committed to something/someone

• Believing that you alone are strong and the one who knows best

• Holding on to what no longer gives us energy

Do you want to get a test to find your inner challenge?
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Overcoming the Gap

Anna has coached many leaders to overcome those inner challenges.
She calls them a gap we are crossing over together.
If others could, you can too!
What it takes from you is the willingness and commitment to your own transformation. 


Anna is working under strict confidentiality under and after the coaching.
She is a Master Certified Coach by International Coach Federation, ICF,
the largest and oldest association for professional coaches in the world.
She is working under their ethical guidelines – read more about them here

What Is Your Challenge?

If you find yourself ready to take the next step, you are welcome to reach out
Anna offers you a free coaching trial to see if we are a good match for each other.