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Transform Yourself One Step at a Time

Are you a senior leader,  CEO, or Owner,
that is ready for the next step to raise your consciousness?

Give yourself time to reflect with Anna as your coach. 
Give yourself time to take the next step in your transformation.
Others have managed – you can as well.
You deserve a professional coach!

There is always the next step. 
A leader knows that consistent training is what it takes to stay on top. 
Everyone needs a coach Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt on TED-talk. 

Click here to book a 30 minutes session to find out if coaching is for you. 

Avalona offers transformational coaching that makes a real difference, 
where you as a leader as well as your system transform. 

Avalona Mission

To make a difference for CEOs and senior leaders 
– to coach them to meet all kinds of challenges, 
to raise their awareness and ability to lead the company in a wise and meaningful way. 

Avalona Vision

Avalona is the exclusive choice when CEOs want to hire a coach 
to cope with tough challenges, by raising their own awareness. 

Avalona is looking forward to companies where CEOs have great relationships with all partners. 
Working together as a team, where everyone is transforming and increasing their energy and competence. The whole system has great energy and is helping each other to achieve challenges towards the desired outcome. 
It starts with you, being a leader in your life.

Anna Eriksson 
ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)


Expanded the business several times and got the board with me.

CEO of Swedish organization

Managed a major reorganization while maintaining health & focus.

CEO of Nordic organization

We became a real team and increased our productivity by 26%.
Management team in the financial industry

Managed to turn corporate culture, increase sales and bring on the management team on a new journey.

New CEO of a Nordic organization