Anna Eriksson

Welcome to Avalona

<p>Hello and welcome to Avalona – a coaching company that caters to CEOs and managers who want to develop as leaders. My name is Anna Eriksson ​​and I believe that the will to develop is the most important thing to grasp in life. When I found coaching as a method over twenty years ago, I knew immediately that I had found my calling. What was attractive was the focus on people's strengths and ability to create their lives. It made me happy and has changed my own life radically. I coach CEOs and managers to become confident and powerful as leaders. It starts with having a good connection with yourself. Today, I offer individual online coaching in combination with email dialogue. The length and content of the cooperation are individually adapted – everything from a couple of times for a specific challenge to annual assignments where we meet once or twice a month. Do you want a 30-minute session to find out if coaching is for you?</p>

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