I have always written and read. My first journal had a little lock to keep my secret thoughts. The latter are filled with images. As a child, I spent much of my time in the library and as an adult, we had books everywhere in our big apartment. We joked and said we had a direct distribution from Adlibris (the Swedish version of Amazon) to our home. Those books are all gone, replaced with a continuous flow of e-books, as we now live on a sailboat.

Later in life, I wrote academic reports based on a research project I was involved in. I was close to getting a PhD, but at the last minute, I luckily found what would become my career path in life, coaching.

The urge to start writing about my long coaching experience came when my husband and I crossed the Pacific Ocean. I felt it was a good time to start writing what should become my legacy.

Leading from Joy

This book will give you a roadmap on how you can handle the most common and major internal challenges we all will meet. The challenges are presented with a rising energy level, based on Professor David Hawkins’ work on levels of consciousness. 

You will learn

·  How to transform yourself through 9 inner challenges
·  11 real case studies from coaching CEOs
·  An easy step-by-step guide with 60 coaching practices
·  A sequence with where to start in your unique case
·  What lies beyond courage – the levels of consciousness
· A mindset that welcomes change and challenges as opportunities
·  Inner strength and awareness to cope with new challenges
·  The keys to becoming a team and creating a harmonious system
· References both to academic science, the new sciences and spirit.

Are you curious and want to quickly find out your inner challenge?
Send an e-mail to Anna and let her know, and you will get a test in a short reply.

Testimonials from Readers

Reading this book is a JOY! A must-read for any leader experiencing change and transition
Anna is a deep expert in both coaching and leadership. Her ability to bring the worlds together and create enough structure to support growth and development, whilst allowing enough space for the journey to be truly yours, is powerful and expresses the master level of coaching.

I highly recommend this book to every leader, coach, or someone interested in personal development. Anna Eriksson is not only delivering important knowledge but also a spirit of joy and magic. When you start reading, you just can’t put the book away. Thank you. 

Well laid out, accessible coaching toolkit, filled with a variety of practices for CEOs and Leaders
Anna’s book is very well-structured, providing an accessible, step-by-step approach to a broad range of executive coaching topics, covering open-ended questions, archetypes, impulse control and listening skills, to name but a few……it finesses the explanation of the Journey of the Way of Being of a senior C-Suite leader eloquently, with a great summary at the end of each chapter, containing reflective open questions for you to take action on. 
It’s a step-by-step, accessible coaching toolkit, containing literally every facet of your Being and Self Awareness to reflect upon in your own leadership journey and to grow, and is really an excellent coaching tool – I highly recommend this book as an ongoing self-development tool, and will certainly be referring my clients to it also.

Must-read for all authentic CEOs
As one of the pioneers within the self-development and coaching industry in Sweden, Anna is taking us on a journey with the aim to close the gap of our conditioning that holds us back from joy. Once this is accomplished, we can truly live a life of self-leadership and joy.
This book is a life legacy and no matter where you are currently in your journey, you will find this book to be a unique gem. With a compassionate and direct voice, Anna is showing the way of resolving any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual blockages that we may encounter on the path to self-realization. A must-read for anyone who wishes to lead from an authentic place of love and serenity.

Living a life of Joy from your Authentic Self!
Everyone who wants to lead an authentic, proactive life can find great tools, methods, and direct steps to getting to this state of pure joy from reading Anna Eriksson’s book, Leading From Joy. As a coach myself for 42 years, I have referred many of my clients and friends to read this book and use it as a guidebook of possibilities and unlimitedness. Thank you, Anna, for writing this book and giving it to everyone to be this magnificent inspiration on how to lead a life from pure Joy!

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A Year of Reflections.
Reflections and Photos from the Other Side of the Earth.
A Play Project by a Sailor and Coach. 

Reflecting on one’s day and life is such a great way to get to know yourself. In the following books, you can follow a year in my life – learning and transformation continue!

This new writing project came to me just when the winter in New Zealand started in June. I knew I had one year in front of me before our sailing back to Europe would start. I had long wanted to include and do something with all the photos I am constantly taking. When we did sail over the Pacific, I chose a photo from the day, to which I wrote a small reflection. Here you can see the result. I liked that format and decided to do something similar. I was also curious to see what would come without planning anything in advance. It also nourishes my overall question: what will this kind of life shift and journey do to me? 

Katharine St John-Brooks, who has edited this series, shares her impressions:
“My first impressions were of the beauty of her photographs. Those wonderful skies! And the glorious scenery and flowers. Although I am a Londoner, I too have been to New Zealand and thoroughly appreciated being reminded of its glories.

I have enjoyed Anna’s reflections: her overarching messages about the importance of taking time, curbing one’s impatience and making space to breathe and let new things in. I didn’t know her when she was her ‘big City’ self in Stockholm, rushing about in the way we urban souls do. You may know the English saying: “If you want something done, ask a busy person”?! But having the opportunity not to be busy and to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ has clearly been a wonderful, life-changing experience for her.

There is a lovely tranquillity about Anna’s writing. She invites the reader to be reflective with her and to share in her recurring themes around Nature, letting go, learning from the universe, the passing of time, flowers, trees, waves …”

They are published one season at a time, as well as a whole.
You find them as e-books at

Messages from Nature

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I am fascinated by the beauty and wisdom of nature. Every day I witness the sky, the ocean – the surroundings I am in. 

I take some photos, often at dawn and twilight, and then wait for the message connected to what I am experiencing. Simple messages, you will recognize them too. 

This book came to me during a sailing from Noméa, New Caledonia through the Coral Sea, entering Australia and the Great Barrier Reef to Cairns, continuing to the pearl Lizard Island, the small remote village Seisia at the top of Cape York peninsula, and finally to Darwin over the big Gulf Carpenteria, Arafura and Timor sea.

The overall message I get is that there is hope and that we are allowed just to be.

Here you can order Messages from Nature.

Messages from Nature

Beauty Everywhere – The Joy of Flowers and Inner Growth

Beauty Everywhere

We were sailing over the Indian Ocean – the wind blew strongly and the waves were high. I was lying on the sofa scrolling through my photos of flowers and felt now is the time to write down my flower story.

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