CEO, manufacturing industry – from sceptical to a leader to count on

“I have gotten a lot out of my coach Anna Eriksson. She has helped me develop into a reflective person who chooses for myself. I feel good to have been able to develop my relationship with myself and my management, as well as to lead my organization. Actually, I thought before that the thing with coaching is a bit fuzzy, but I have greatly changed my mind and today I am very positive about it. I want to say that this is a prerequisite for a CEO. I can highly recommend Anna Eriksson.”

This CEO went from a position where he wondered if he should stay or not. He was clearly not committed, more in a blaming mood. In the coaching, he committed himself to play full out a couple of months and see what difference that made. He started to take responsibility for his own state of being and the relationships he had around including himself. It all shifted when he shifted. The owners trust him so much that they asked him to step up and be in charge of the whole European company with several companies included – at a time when they also went to the stock exchange and doubled the size of the company.

CEO of a Nordic medical organization succeeded in his new assignment

Results: Increased sales focus, increased sales, management team changed monumentally for the better, greater self-esteem, better relationships with the board.

“Anna has given me support and guidance in a structured, objective, and professional way. It has clearly strengthened me in my role as CEO, benefited the company and I give a warm recommendation to invest in this type of collaboration.”

This CEO won the ICF Swedish Coach Award on the ground: “A very successful coaching of a CEO in a vulnerable position with a number of parallel challenges to deal with. From the fear of change to teamwork and where communication, profitability, and openness are in focus.”

CEO – managed to achieve high growth targets

The goals were set high from the beginning and we accomplished them – 30% growth, a new organization including a management team appointed. Monthly meetings with a coach and weekly reports for a year – all to deal with the challenges that naturally follow high goals. In addition, team coaching, how to create trust, manage conflicts, take care of everyone’s voices (this was a large group where several sat in a management team for the first time), increase responsibility and the ability to look at the whole and finally focus on results.

“Have accomplished what I wanted, the plan! I’ve kept going all the way. The coaching has been extremely valuable (10 on a scale of 1-10). I would have perished if I had let my emotions rule. The big gain is my own development – have learned a lot about myself, and am much calmer and clearer with expectations and demands. Anna has given me both security and challenge. Unconditional coaching without assessments or pointers. The positive feeling after all meetings. Been respectful and based on my level – Anna has met me where I am.”

CEO of family business found his order to lead

It was time for generational change and the head of operations (family member) was appointed as CEO. “The questions were many initially – what is included in the role of CEO? How to free up time to become more strategic? How do I want to lead and in what direction do I want the company to continue? How do we find more competent employees? I had no experience with coaching before, thought Anna would say what I would do. It was like a barrier at first before I realized that it was I who would learn. It has been good, necessary, and hard! Had not come this far on my own.

Now, after 1.5 years, I have gained a different self-insight and the ability to familiarize myself with other people’s thoughts and needs. I feel safer dealing with conflicts that I have previously found uncomfortable – I can handle them now. We have structured the business with meetings, working methods, and policies, ISO-certified us, personnel handbook, etc. Together with the owners, we have now decided on a further direction. I’ve really gotten into my new role now. The coaching has given me a whole new platform to stand on.”

Owner & CEO found new energy and long time vision for the company

When we met she was not sure if she wanted to keep or sell the company. There were a lot of problems – the management team was not a team and there were conflicts with several people – problems she wished she could handle over to someone else. In the coaching, we started taking care of the small decisions and her caring about her own needs. The result ended up with her being enthusiastic again, really wanting to be a CEO and loving to lead.

A company got its leader back. The management team got a CEO that wanted to be there for real. The company also got a new future including big plans for growth international. The net sales increased by 20%, the result almost 50%. The children got a mother that showed that she took care of herself and also had her own life — a great role model!