Aug 13

6. Be Willing and Committed

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I usually say that without commitment there is no one to coach. Commitment is more than choosing something/someone, it comes from the heart and includes making sure that what we promised and set up also comes true, even if we don’t know how at first. The back door is closed. There is no question of dropping out, no matter how tough it gets (if circumstances don’t change dramatically).

An organization at the top knows that they need to be in constant development to maintain its position. So, at this level, it’s more about fine-tuning and being willing to do what is required and really living in line with set values.

In the picture, you see my husband Arthur and I as we set foot on land for the first time, on Hiva Oa, after sailing across the Pacific Ocean for 33 days. We were one of the last boats to be sluiced through the Panama Canal before everything was shut down due to covid March 2020. That’s our sailboat in the background.

Ask yourself:
What are you committed to?
Are there signs that you/you are on the way to becoming fat and lethargic?
How high would you rate your willingness?
Do you participate in personal development on your own initiative on a regular basis?
How learning is you as an organization?

This is a great time to hire a coach as the interest in developing and taking the next step is high.
In the book, you get six exercises linked to this challenge, including the benefit of role-playing.

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