We are all unique, so the question is what is specific to you? The more inner contact we have, the more we dare to trust and express our own perspectives on the world. What makes us extra happy, engaged and which feels meaningful? In coaching, I’ve always liked to bring up role models – what do we see in others that we like? Probably something that touches us on a deeper level. This challenge is about what impression we want to make on the world. As if we were a flower or a fruit tree – who are we in our perfection?

Test yourself with the following questions:
How well do you listen to yourself? (We always start there.)
How playful are you?
How big is your spectrum of who you are?
If you were to give a speech about yourself – what would you say?

In Leading from Joy I have eight practices that are largely about allowing yourself to explore and experiment with different aspects of being human. From my perspective, we have access to everything – as long as we allow it.

Easy? Great, keep following and see what inner challenge triggers you.

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