Aug 6

3. Trust

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We all have a brain that quickly decides whether the unknown is something to trust or not. If we let the amygdala control and set us in all situations, we easily become anxious and fearful. In this challenge, I address all the other sources we have access to such as our emotions, minds, intelligences, strengths, the rhythm of the body, thoughts and dreams. How well are we in touch with all these sources of information? Do we trust ourselves and are we someone others can trust?

Ask yourself:
Do you trust yourself?
Do you keep your word?
Are you in touch with all your feelings?
Do you believe in your ability to make what you want to come true?

In addition to giving eight different inputs to ourselves, in this challenge, I also give the tool/distinction of integrity – being true to oneself and one’s word. Easier said than done, but very much worth the effort. Unfortunately, it is all too common that we promise/say that we will do something else – and then we do it, or not – to the disappointment of both ourselves and others who count on us. Being reliable is an excellent way to build trust and absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to build a functioning organization. Email me directly at if you want a good article on the subject.

Challenges 1-3 are all about getting to know ourselves better. It is a foundation for the next challenge, which is about the courage to choose and stand up for yourself.

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