Aug 16

7. Be Inclusive

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This challenge is dedicated to any leader who acts as the lone wolf or alpha male. Managers, CEOs who know best and who want to maintain control. But also on a more personal level – the openness to partnership in depth – to really let other people into our lives.

In this challenge, I introduce the concept of a system and then I refer to all the groups we are part of – our family of origin, our own, the organization we lead or work in, etc. How prosperous are these systems really?

Ask yourself:
How well is the partnership working with key people in your life?
Do you find it easy to ask for help when needed?
How harmonious are your family relationships?
Do you think that everyone feels needed and wants to belong to your organization?

In Leading from Joy, I give five inputs to this challenge, including what characterizes teams that collaborate well, but also how an organization can develop to include everyone.

If you haven’t tried a so-called family constellation yet, I would highly recommend it.

Curious about the last two challenges?

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