May 11

Are you ready to travel over the unknown and deep water?

Hi! I have arrived now. You can reach me now. I have sailed over three oceans and have arrived on the other side of the Earth. It took me and my husband a year to come here, and two years to prepare for it. It was a huge commitment and choice to sell everything and.

May 1

One Challenge at a Time….

I have been thinking about what’s driving me to leave all I had, to sail around the world with my husband. I have realized that it is the Journey inside me that’s driving me. What would an outer journey like this do with me as a being? As I have been working as a professional.

April 30

Transformation in coaching

I’m coaching a woman from the western world. She wants to investigate the behaviour of staying “busy” all the time. An old pattern of saying yes, especially to assignments. She is clearly successful on that level. The habit of being busy all the time, however, makes her restless when she is free and does nothing,.