May 11

Are you ready to travel over the unknown and deep water?

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Hi! I have arrived now. You can reach me now.

I have sailed over three oceans and have arrived on the other side of the Earth. It took me and my husband a year to come here, and two years to prepare for it. It was a huge commitment and choice to sell everything and start living aboard. We really went for something unknown. We didn’t have the answer beforehand. For me, the other side of the world was a big blue unknown. My husband told me to zoom in on Google map, it didn’t help – it was still too abstract and unknown, very hard to grasp so far away.

Now when I have been out in the unknown, on very deep water, I can tell you that I love it. Imagine being surrounded by the ocean and the sky for weeks in a row. No other noise than the wind and the waves, maybe a bird. It’s huge and perfect. Even when there is a storm. Everything is connected and you are part of it. You just have to trust that. This is the land of no-nonsense, it is pure essence.

For this kind of journey, you need to have the courage to face your fears – that is the least, then a strong commitment to making it, awareness to be with what is, willingness to do what is needed and to let go of what is not needed, a trusted team and trust to the existence. Wave by wave.

How about you? What journey are you out on? What is your next step? Ready for some transformation?
I would love to coach some of you, who are on the edge willing to cross the unknown.

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