Jun 26

Slow Down and Follow the Flow

Marine Traffic, 24 June 2022

On the other side of the world, we have just celebrated midwinter. This time of the year it’s time to sail north – up to the Islands, Fiji & New Caledonia, or northwest to Australia (Oceania) – if you’re like us in New Zealand. Once a year, in May-June, it is most beneficial. Now is the time to hook up and sail with the trade wind – these are the big movements that can be seen on the map from Marine traffic on June 24 this year. 

For many centuries, sailors have found out when and where the routes are safest and most convenient to go. Sailing WITH the waves and wind is vital on the oceans. The waves can be gigantic when they build up many thousands of nautical miles. For example, the low pressures that reach the Caribbean often start around Cape Verde and thus have the entire Atlantic with them. When we zoom out, the pattern is clearly visible, and we also get access to how to find the flow.


I am thinking of the stress that is increasing and is greatest among young women (16-29 years, 36% according to the Swedish Public Health Agency, 15% on average). How can we help each other to slow down and be more sensitive to the flow within us and in the surrounding society and existence?

In Sweden, it is summer now and for many also holidays. Perfect time to reflect on your own life patterns. Do you go with or against the flow? A first step is to slow down and listen inward. Have some time of your own and relate to yourself in the first place. Get some perspective on life – see the big picture. And hopefully also find routines that make the year that follows in harmony over a larger period.

 Wish you a nice summer!

P.S. If you want to immerse yourself more in yourself, I recommend reading my book: Leading from Joy – available on Amazon.se and Adlibris – filled with questions to reflect on.