How to Create a Year Reflection – in the beauty of flowers. Photo: Anna Eriksson

Hi, here I will share how to create a year reflection – an important document showing you the way to how you will live the happy life you love.
This time of the year is sacred to me. For twenty years I have summed up the year in written form. The years go by and sometimes very quickly. What is actually happening? Am I living a life I love? I like to be in constant development and say yes to change, and trust what happens regardless. Our significant lifestyle change, now on a circumnavigation, gives me plenty of time to reflect. One lesson is that there is much to discover about oneself and others when we slow down.

Zooming out from time to time gives new perspectives. We can see the big picture, and what the many small steps have led to. I have published two books this year, a third is coming out soon. It’s so much fun!

How to Create a Year Reflection

I go through my bullet journals (calendars) and write down in short form what happened during the year regarding my health, personal development, Vista (our boat & shared adventures with my husband), the company/my professional activity, writing, relationships (family & friends), economics & purchasing (best this year) and what I read. Add or take away, so it gets relevant for you. 

Then I add at least one self-portrait from the year (the hair is now yellow-white compared to red a long time ago).

Questions for Reflection

What was the year about in brief? If it was a title of a book?

What were the highlights of the year?

What important decisions did you make?

What have you learned?

What made you happy?

What have you achieved, and not, related to what you set out to do at the beginning of the year?

What challenges have you overcome? How?

What have you been missing? What do you want more of?

Which people have been with you during the year? What can you appreciate them for?

What are you grateful for?

Then the next step is to create the coming year in line with what you love and what makes you happy.


Summer greetings from Anna on the other side of the world