Aug 18

8. Stay in Wonder

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The more our trust increases, the greater the likelihood that we are also prepared to accept ourselves and each other as part of the universal energy. Interest in our own spirituality is usually awakened when we get a little older. We open up to something new, beneath the surface, and allow ourselves to marvel at the grandeur of life. We can easily experience and feel grateful for everything life gives us, for example, a scent from a flower or the wind that blows on the cheek.

You know Einstein’s quote that we cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them.
It is actually required that we can create new things and then we need to have a deep contact within.

How is it for you?
Can you feel in touch with existence?
Are you in touch with your intuition?
Do you meditate?

In Leading from Joy, I provide six different practices that all help us connect more inwardly.

One more challenge, please join!

Leading from Joy – How to Transform 9 Inner Challenges is available for purchase on AdlibrisAmazonApple BooksGoogle Play and Kobo.

PS For those of you who are curious about intuition, I can also recommend the last issue of Grow, which has that very theme. Here you can read my article.

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