Sep 6

18 Reasons Why Personal Development  Is Worth Both Time and Money

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18 Reasons Why Personal Development  Is Worth Both Time and Money

Life is short, I think as a 60-year-old. I didn’t think like that at all when I was younger. Now I realize that those years between 30-60 are very compressed with career, family, children, friends, travel, living, and activities of various kinds. It is completely understandable that many people do not spend much time and money on personal development. Still, I’d like to strike a chord to give it space as well, as it gives us the freedom to be our unique selves. The earlier, the better in my opinion. Here are some more benefits:

1. We become leaders in our own lives, instead of victims of circumstances.

2. We feel better overall because we have let go of the baggage of the past. We realize that we are adults now and no longer need to follow the patterns we inherited.

3. We are happier because we live more in line with what we want. We say yes more.

4. We are in touch with our entire emotional spectrum and use it as an indicator of how we should act in different situations. It also means that we release emotions, including anger, sadness and shame, instead of repressing them. We absorb its message and can then move on.

5. We listen inwardly and have contact with our souls.

6. We dare to be unique and stand up for what we ourselves think is important and meaningful. It also means that we know what we value and where our boundaries are.

7. We dare to say no and know that it is a yes for ourselves.

8. We have learned to manage conflict and understand the value of different perspectives.

9. We have stopped wanting to be right and are instead curious about new perspectives.

10. We acknowledge and marvel at the complexity of life.

11. We are surrounded by people who support who we are and who support continuous development and learning.

12. We easily see new possibilities and can express our creativity.

13. We accept change and trust our ability to learn new things and cope with new situations.

14. We trust our own ability to make the right decisions. And if it goes wrong, we are quick to change.

15. We love ourselves and thus also others.

16. We find it easy to appreciate ourselves and others.

17. We allow ourselves to just be.

18. Our relationships are more fulfilling and harmonic.

When we stand up for ourselves and are leaders in our own lives, the external results tend to fall into place more easily because we are more in tune with ourselves. After all, we act in line with the energy and awareness we possess at the moment. If it is raised, we automatically gain access to new ways of being and responding to ourselves and the world around us.