Aug 10

5. Accept Diversity and Complexity

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One of the biggest challenges we as humans seem to have is to accept that we are different and that it is rarely so simple that there is a right answer. Life is complex and both birth and death happen every minute. As a coach, I meet many clients with this challenge. Among other things, it expresses itself in narrow-mindedness, conflicts and imbalance – in combination with a lot of suffering.
Even our language is filled with concepts that emphasize separation and duality.
My saddest example is when a manager starts keeping a record of the bad behaviour of an employee (in order to justify a dismissal eventually) as if that were the only thing to note about this person. Please don’t. 

Something to consider:
Are there conflicts within you?
Are there people whom you do not want/cannot forgive?
Do you often judge others?
And how is it in the teams you are part of – have you managed to get past the conflict phase?

If you recognize yourself here, I hope, first of all, that you get help from the outside.

In Leading from Joy, I give six different inputs, including how we can train our brains and handle conflicts. Curiosity and openness are a good start in any meeting.

Those of you who follow this series – what inner challenges do you know of that I haven’t yet addressed?

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