Aug 9

4. Dare to Choose

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We make decisions every single day. What I address in this challenge are the big decisions that have to do with lifestyle, profession, livelihood, family and partnership. When we have lost the spark and need to make a new choice – to choose something new that inspires us again. I have met many who wait (too) long time to drop out. You don’t have to have a new job before you quit the one you don’t like. It is also possible to choose what you have, based on having regenerated energy for it.

In Sweden, many employees – I believe that in the future more and more will have their own companies – it is good training in leading and being fully responsible.

As we age, our lives automatically change – our own health, partner, children and parents, just to name a few factors that influence our life choices. Change is part of life.

Anna at Riverside Drive Marina, New Zealand

What life we ​​want to live is based on our uniqueness, and I just love all the stories of how people have dared to venture into even narrow niches. It goes with patience and trust, of course.

Ask yourself:
Are you living a life you love?
Do you have a profession that gives you energy?
Do you work at a company where you help each other grow?
Or do you run your own business and enjoy it?
Do you know in your heart that it is time for a major change?

If you feel hit here, I give you nine exercises related to creating a life you love. We start with time – our time on earth. I also show several ways that can help you achieve what you want more easily, including by using your subconscious.

If not, continuation follows with five more inner challenges.

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