Jan 7

Time for Reflection and Play


Do you have a play project? Something you do just for fun. Outside of the work sphere, hopefully, it’s fun and meaningful there too, but after all, it often has a little more purpose.

A play project for your free time – where you express your energy and have fun. Nurturing our child mind helps us to be open and in wonder about what is happening around us. It helps us to be alive and present in the moment.

My Play Projekt

My creative play project since June 2022 is to write a daily reflection along with a photo. Images are I
important to me, and I have long wanted to include my photos. Sometimes it is the photo that guides the reflection, other days it is meetings, conversations, or my own thoughts that I highlight. What have I been present for today? I am often amazed and drawn to the beauty of nature; it feels like we can learn everything from it. We live on board a sailboat – sometimes in marinas, sometimes at anchor in a bay, along the New Zealand coast.

More and more I notice how important reflection time is. It happens so easily that the days fly by. Every evening I give myself time to feel how the day has been, I go through today’s pictures and note which ones give me the most energy and what they awaken in me. I catch my intuition and threads of thought. I zoom out and sometimes in. It’s very fun and relaxing. Here you can read more about the benefits of taking the time to reflect.

I write one season at a time and publish them on Amazon.com. Winter and Spring are done, now Summer and Autumn remain before we sail back to Europe. Every season has its charm. I rest in the fact that everything has its time and that everything changes all the time.

Have a good day!

Warm greetings from Anna on the other side of the world