Apr 30

A new morning – what do you want to be and create?


Welcome to a new moment. Take a deep breath and feel for a moment how you are doing right now. How happy are you right now?  Are you committed to something that inspires you? 

A new year – this big celebration at midnight once a year – is just one point where our new year – our new time can start. Every day is a new opportunity. I love the fact that we all get our equal share of new time every morning. What do we do with it? I also love the fact that we can make a new choice whenever. This free will is what makes it so unique. I love the fact that we people are passionate about so many different things. 

How much do I dare to believe in me getting a wonderful life? 
Nowadays we know that it matters what we are thinking about ourselves and others – so there is no reason for not thinking the very best we can come up with! 

Imagine – just for a moment – that there are no obstacles around you – that you have a 360° free vision and can imagine a life that is really fulfilling you, your company, and your family. What do you see? Where in the world are you? Who are with you? What are you doing? How are you feeling? What do you hear? Why is it important for you? This is your picture of a wonderful life! 

Dream big – it is closer than you maybe think. 

Sunny regards from Anna